40 Things that I Love About My Life

You’ve seen nearly everyone else’s top 40, well here’s mine, not in any particular order:

  1. My wife

2. & 3. James & Lyla:


3. God

4. Teaching, mentoring, and coaching in all forms

5. Writing

6. Reading

7. Connecting with people

8. Believing in myself

9. Becoming inspired

10. Inspiring others

11. Asking questions on social media

12. Running

13. Self-improvement

14. When things just “happen to” work out

15. Camping

16. Fishing

17. Hiking

18. Batman

19. The number 19. If you notice, most of the responses to my articles get 19 claps. Sometimes I get a little excited and accidentally leave more though.

20. My parents and siblings

21. My in-laws

22. My work experience

23. Web design with visual page builders. Although I would love to learn how to code someday, I don’t currently prioritize it.

24. Progression

25. Snow Caves

26. Lightning

27. Bugs, especially Monarch butterflies, which I raise from eggs or caterpillars into butterflies every summer.

28. The music of Hans Zimmer

29. Techno music

30. Almost every movie by Christopher Nolan

31. Mangoes

32. Ignoring politics

33. Sunshine

34. Doing the right thing

35. Medium

36. Mountains

37. Walking

38. Sleeping 8 hours in a night

39. Panda Express

40. Being alive

Thanks to Jae Hermann, Kamga Tchassa, Michael Shook, ⭐ Ryan Justin, and Shae Jackson for tagging me in this challenge! I’d like to nominate or see the lists of Nupoor Raj, Frank McKinley, Robin Klammer, Glenna Gill, Sam H Arnold, Sinem Günel, Iva Ursano, Erika Sauter, Eric S Burdon, Erika Chaudhary, Hank Eng, Jewel Eliese, Amanda Dzimianski, Michelle Monet, Stefani Vader, Nicole Akers, Jessica Nicasio.

Anyone else who wants to be tagged just let me know in the comments, and I will tag you to make it official. I know how it feels not to get tagged in a challenge, and I would love to be able to include you here as well!

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