How to Make Your Medium Stats Rise Every Day

My Stats for November, 2018

Every day I check my stats on my articles. Looking to see those views, reads, and claps keep rising.

And multiple times a day, too. I worry, fret, and wonder. I sometimes even compare weeks to estimate how much money I might make that week.

Admit it to yourself, you probably do it too. Far more than you’d like to say.

We all do it.

It’s okay. You’re not alone. You’re not the “odd one out” here for checking your stats too much. We are all still only human at the end of the day. It’s perfectly natural to want to improve, and want to earn more money as well.

I used to wonder what causes a good day for my stats and a bad day.

I’ve learned that it’s not as much the quality of your stories, although that is an important factor. But this principle, if practiced, tends to improve the quality of your stories anyway.

Every day that I didn’t publish a story in the month of September, for example, my stats were lower than the surrounding days that I did publish.

Even if the story wasn’t a great one and didn’t get very many views or fans.

Stats for September 2018

The reads and fans were also lower on these days.

The real trick to improving your stats and earnings, I’ve found, is in one simple universal law of success.

If you can publish every day, or every weekday, or even just once or twice a week, and do it for a year, you will improve.

Try this for 5 or 10 years and you will generate a following that just might let you quit your job. What would that be worth to you?

Your Stats Tell You Where You’re Headed

If you publish consistently.

I started with zero. No followers, views, reads, claps, or anything.

But as I began publishing every day, I got better. My numbers began to rise, and have done so consistently as long as I have kept publishing.

Let’s say that you have been posting every weekday (only missing a few here and there) for 3 months and have experienced the following growth:

Views: 1,793 → 3,532

Reads: 999 → 1,807

Fans: 399 → 524

Ignoring exponential growth (which is conservative but makes the numbers easier and doesn’t get our hopes too high) if you had these exact numbers and maintained your publishing schedule consistently for the entire time, in 18 months you would have:

Over 15,000 views

Over 6,500 reads

Over 700 fans

And probably more.

To be honest, I performed this analysis a couple of months ago and these are the numbers I got. As of right now, however, my stats (see the main image) are exceeding these estimates or are about to just one month later.

I’d be willing to wager that stats like that would net you well over $1,000/month if you only published locked stories.

I believe it’s all possible if you make a plan and stick to it. I’ve already been seeing it work out for me.

Figure out exactly what you need to do every day and every week on Medium to keep this up, and know exactly where you’re going. Systematize the process.

Fix your vision on where you’re headed. What it would be like to have all that extra income per month? What would you do with it? How would it allow you to live with greater freedom?

On the days when my stats are down and my self-confidence proportionally so, I remember one key fact that keeps me going.

It’s my future that keeps me going. It’s what I’m looking forward to, not what I’m running away from that keeps me writing and publishing consistently.

Where will you end up if you keep going?

If you’re at all curious to know where your stats will be at any time in the future, click here to get access to the spreadsheet that will calculate it for you.

To save this file please go to File →Make a Copy and save it in your Google Drive.

You don’t need to give me your email to do this, I’m giving it to you for free.

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