I Made $532.77 in One Month on Medium After Just 5 Months of Writing

Commitment to consistency comes first

And most importantly, thanks to the many of you who have been reading my articles and helping me grow.

Medium is all about the community, and the money is only second to the amazing relationships I’ve developed here.

I keep track of my improvement

My earnings summary for the last 5 months

If you haven’t noticed on by now, this article isn’t perfect, but I’m going to finish it and publish it anyway.

Writing more articles = better stats = more earnings

My November stats

I continued my system and make micro adjustments

It’s those little adjustments one day at a time that have turned my Medium Success spreadsheet into quite the powerhouse for information and inspiration.

You can do this too, I believe in you

It still feels weird to tell people that my side hustle makes me over $500 a month.

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