Life is Hard but it’s Worth it

Sometimes the hardest things have the greatest rewards

Our NICU Baby

These words are hard to write.

But it would be harder not to write them, knowing that I can help someone else going through something similarly heart-wrenching.

A Fighter From the Very Beginning

I was devastated.

I had my hopes up on Saturday and then they were shattered.

  1. Pervasiveness (everything about my life is falling apart, nothing is good)
  2. Personality (it’s all my fault, I am a terrible person)
  1. Pervasiveness- I have a beautiful life with many aspects to it. This does not mean that I cannot succeed in work, spirituality, physical health, or any other effort. Even if I did need to hold back from working on those goals for a time.
  2. Personality- This was not my fault! I did nothing to deserve this and it has nothing to do with my character.
The Little Miracle and Her Tired Brother

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