Losing My Job Is One of the Best Things That Ever Happened to Me

It’s only been 6 weeks and I feel so free

It’s hard to believe that it was just six weeks ago that I worked my last day at my former company.

I knew I wanted to leave, I just didn’t fit in with their management style.

I used to be bitter about them, thinking they were all in the wrong. Although mistakes happened on both sides, now I can admit that it just wasn’t the right fit for either of us. Not with the changes they had made.

Time has made the pain of the situation easier and has helped me learn some much-needed lessons from the experience.

Many people told me how they felt that this would be one of the best things for me. Deep down I knew they were right but couldn’t see exactly how that was true, at least not right at first.

Today, 6 weeks after being let go from my job, I can firmly say that it was the best thing for my career.

I now work in an office with people who are entrepreneurial-minded, kind, and refrain from micromanaging me. They are supportive of my endeavors and genuinely want to see me succeed.

The connections I have with the company I work with are much stronger because I was already closely aligned with their vision and values. I never felt that with my old employer.

Again, not that they are wrong or anything, we’re just different and that’s okay. At least, I’m doing my best to see that they’re human just as much as I am. Forgiveness is healing me, slowly.

But if it weren’t for my former employer pulling the plug on keeping me around, I wouldn’t have been able to progress to where I am now.

That’s a loaded sentence because I’ve improved in a myriad of ways since getting let go. It was like a lead weight was unchained from me, and I could finally fly.

My schedule is so much freer. I can work whenever and wherever I want without feeling trapped or guilty. And my income is free to increase without the bounds of a salary or hourly rate.

I have the ability to double my income in the next few months. Something that wouldn’t have been possible were it not for getting let go.

Our finances are in a better place than they ever have been. I am amazed each week as I review our budgets and earnings at how it all just continues to improve.

I have had more than enough time to study for the professional licensing test coming up in two weeks.

I was able to take on the higher amount of freelance work I really wanted to, but couldn’t because the wasteful 40-hour butt-in-the-chair workweek was holding me back.

It’s this freelance job that is also giving me the exact training and connection I need to reach my full potential as a creator.

I wouldn’t have been able to pour as much time and energy into this work if I still had that old job. I would have missed out on an opportunity to take on a project that I’ve learned from and enjoyed.

I’ve grown an incredible amount in the last 6 weeks, all because I lost my job.

When I walked out the doors of my old employer for the last time, I realized that the hardest things in life help us progress the most. My heart didn’t want to feel it at the time, but my mind knew that eventually I’d come around and see the truth.

I’ve pushed myself to achieve great things in the last few weeks. I’ve done more than I thought I could, and that includes getting help for my mental health so I could do more.

With a flexible schedule and a better financial outlook, I look forward to each day. I am working harder, connecting better, and preparing more for the bright future ahead.

I don’t believe in coincidence. I’ve seen too many times that working hard and remaining open to the paths that appear before you is key to finding the right way.

Oddly enough, before I lost my job I was praying that the right doors would open and the wrong ones would close so I could reach my career goals.

I don’t believe prayer has to be a dogmatic religious practice, but I do believe it works. Sometimes in the short run, we have to experience difficult things so that we can advance. Whatever higher power we may choose to believe in knows this and prepares the exact events we need to move forward.

Losing my job was one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through. I’ve been through a lot of hard things recently.

After all I’ve been through in the last few years, I’ll be the first to tell you that difficult things make you stronger.

3 months before this I was having a really difficult time with depression.

Just a few months prior to that I was in a bad place with my boss who was being manipulative, threatening, and micromanaging. Again, I’m working to forgive, but forgiveness does not mean forgetting.

In October of 2017 my daughter was born 6 weeks early and spent over 2 weeks in the NICU, leading to a $50,000 hospital bill.

The previous summer I battled depression after pushing myself to run a marathon that I got injured in.

And mere months before that I began preliminary grad school classes not long before my last living grandmother died unexpectedly.

It’s been a long, hard two years. On reflection, however, the last 24 months have also been some of the very best of my life. I know that’s because I’m growing far more because of all the difficulties than I would without them.

Depression taught me how to have compassion and ask for help when I need it. I’m now working with mentors instead of bosses. I got a beautiful, healthy little girl out of that NICU experience. I was accepted into graduate school after working so hard. We got out of debt, and our finances became rock solid.

My little family grew closer through all of this.

I don’t believe life is meant to be sadness with little rays of sunshine scattered throughout.

I’ve seen, even in some of my darkest times, that the light is always there, shining brightly, we just have to look for it.

Sometimes that means taking a break. The light often shines in the people around us who want to see us succeed. It can even come from seeing a doctor and finally getting on medication for depression.

Whatever you go through, you can see the light. I know because I’ve been there and back again multiple times over the last couple of years.

There is hope and help and happiness ahead — more than you know.

Just like a gold miner who has lost the vein of gold, if you keep trying and don’t give up, things will look up.

I know it because I’ve been there and made it through.

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