Rest is a Massive Competitive Advantage for Success

Your objective is to fit as many of the rocks into the jar as possible.

If you start with the littlest pieces, the sand, and pebbles, then you won’t have the room for the bigger rocks.

Your life is no different.

Our priority should be on the “big rocks” in our lives. Our faith and Families. Everything else comes second and finds space in our day around these more essential things.

Stress + REST = growth

It would be easy for a busy person at the end of the day to say that they will fill their night with as much work as they have the extra time for.

Stress + rest = growth.

As part of their exploration of this equation in the professional world, the amount of rest that elite athletes build into their schedules astounded Stulberg and Magness.

Rest is a very close second to the 10,000-hour rule

In Essentialism, Greg McKeown refers to rest as a “huge competitive advantage.” He also identifies a lesser-known but crucial observation about the landmark study of violinists from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.

Why is rest so important?

It’s is not merely about sleep, although sleep is a vital factor in rest.

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