Seek to Become, Not to Avoid

As I watched the Olympics a few weeks ago, I realized something about our reasons for living life the way we do.

Think about this for a moment. That figure skater, or speed skater, or slalom skier or whoever else you watched during the Olympics most likely didn’t get there by thinking things like “I should start ice skating so I don’t get fat.” We always see the commercials of them starting from such a young age. Their dream was never about what they wanted to avoid. The best athletes in the world were always more focused on what they wanted to become.

So many of us just wander through life worried about what we want to avoid. We want to avoid so many negative events like divorce, not finding love, getting obese, not enough money, failing a test, and so much more. We’re thinking about this all wrong.

What are you excited to become? What can you accomplish?

How loving a spouse and parent can you become?

How much money can you earn?

How well can you do on that test?

What marathon, triathlon, or even Olympic event could you complete?

Stop thinking about what you want to avoid. Stop worrying about all the bad that could go wrong. The worries will take care of themselves as you focus on the good that you can do. You have all the power in the world to accomplish anything and everything that you are meant to in life.

Replace the worries of what you want to avoid with the hopes and visions and dreams of what you want to become.

Like Cooper from Interstellar, we too can say “I don’t care much for this, pretending we’re back where we started. I want to know where we are, where we’re going.”

Where are you going?

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