This is one of my very favorites of all of your articles. I can relate to this in so many ways, but the tough thing for me is that I have been on both sides.

I’ve been the person with depression struggling to just want somebody to listen and feel with me how hard it is to be broken. And I’ve also been naive enough to be the one trying to give that unsolicited advice to people, but I’m trying to get better about that. Thank you for helping me better understand the importance of just feeling with people.

We need so much more of that in this world. So much less anger and fighting and bickering and even just trying to tell people what to do. You are so right that feelings matter, and I love that this is a theme of your writing. You help us who follow you because you help us understand our feelings, and that is a powerful thing.

Thank you for helping me remember that feelings really matter — mine and those of others around me.



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