Why Don’t Public Schools Teach Basic Life Skills?

Luke Rowley
7 min readDec 29, 2018



Physical health.

Mental health.

Chances are that you are struggling in one or more of these pillars of life.

Beating yourself up for problems that, as you’ll come to find out, aren’t entirely your fault. It sucks. It’s painful. And it seems that it will never end, but there is hope. There is a difference to be made.

I have, over a lifetime of being a perfectionist, developed the unfortunate problem of beating myself up for my mistakes. When I do this, the central focus of my problems is that they are all completely my fault.

But just recently, I realized that it’s not so simple.

Accountability is important, yes. We cannot go around blaming everyone and everything and “the system” for our problems and faults, to the point of inaction. Unfortunately, we see far too much of this thinking in our world today.

We get farther in life when we come to a sound realization of where we are. Then make the conscious decision to live intentionally, without spending too much time worrying about who or what is to blame for our circumstances.

This principle I’ve learned just might help you stop worrying about the blame and start doing something to improve your situation. In the simplest terms, it’s this:

You are not to blame for struggling emotionally, financially, physically, mentally, or even spiritually.

The struggles we experience are a natural part of being human. But they are also, in part, a result the human race being at a place of imperfection in our journey of progression towards perfection here on Earth.

Part of our imperfect journey is where we are at with our current education system, which is, unfortunately, suffering due to neglect.

Now, I again want to reiterate the need to be careful with this kind of thinking. There are a couple of caveats.

Recognizing that your problems are not your fault does not grant you the right to go



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