Writing on Medium is the Best Job I’ve Ever Had

I can’t say enough how wild it is to even be here.

After 6 months of publishing articles nearly every weekday, I’ve earned almost $2,500 total on this amazing website. But in the end, I still treat it like a job, and that’s part of how I keep progressing.

When compared to my full-time engineering job, Medium is far better to me and has been ever since I started writing. But, as I thought about it, I’ve never, in the nearly 20 jobs I’ve had in my life, had one quite like this one, or one that I’ve been more passionate about.

Here are just a few reasons why Medium is my favorite place to work.

I can work whenever and wherever I want

Today is my wife’s birthday. This morning I wanted to surprise her with breakfast and some presents before heading off to my full-time job. But when I woke up there were 4 inches of snow on the ground and making breakfast took longer than expected.

I realized that it would not even be worth it to go into the office for the short portion of the day I would be there, and tried to see if I might be able to work remotely. Unfortunately, that option was not well received and I just had to take the entire day off.

Honestly, though, I didn’t mind. They don’t want me, they don’t get me.

My company may still be struggling to move forward with allowing people to work remotely, but this just makes me more grateful that I can write on Medium whenever and wherever I want.

If I’m feeling tired I can write on the couch. Or even in bed.

Usually, I try to write at my desk where I know I will really get the most work done. I don’t have to be at some desk in an office 20 miles from my house. I can be right here, next to my wife and children, working to make a living.

I love that there are no set hours for my writing on Medium. I know this seems obvious but think about it. I don’t have to be to work at 7:30 am to write on Medium. No crummy commute, wasting time and money, wearing down my car, and risking my life on the days that the weather is especially bad.

And the best part of all of this is that I don’t have a micromanaging supervisor.

I get to be my own boss

If I feel that it’s time to increase my earnings, I can do it.

I can authorize any and all expenditures that will help me move forward to reach the next level of earnings.

I can make whatever plans I see fit, try whatever ideas I have to market myself, and do anything else I want here on Medium without having to ask for permission from someone else first.

It’s excellent practice, too. I don’t plan to stick in this still living-in-the industrial-age job that I’m in right now. Someday, very soon, I will be the CEO of my own small company. This is perfect practice for when I will call the shots for a little bit bigger stakes.

It doesn’t even feel like work

The benefits of writing here extend well beyond the earnings, and I’ll get to the best of that in a moment. But I love that writing on Medium has become like therapy for me, in a way.

My intention, first and foremost, is to help people. I have a vision for making that happen which I am very excited about. But I find that the more I write and publish, the more I am personally benefited on a psychological level.

Not only can I hone in on my personal purpose and message to the world, but I can figure out what the heck is actually going on in my mind and heart.

Which is saying a lot for someone who suffers from mild to moderate anxiety, depression, a little OCD, and who knows what else.

I have learned so much about myself from working as a writer on Medium. I have grown so much from it. Ways that I never even imagined I would.

Last night I was re-reading my journal entries from a year ago. I was entirely different. My mind was different. I am re-wiring my brain to think and perform differently by writing on Medium. It really is like therapy, and I am so very grateful for that.

But it’s still not the best reason that working as a writer on Medium is the best job I’ve ever had.

The best thing about writing on Medium is the coworkers

Who are actually just friends.

I have not the room to write or the mind to hold all of the many incredible experiences I’ve had with the incredible people I’ve become friends with on this journey.

When I first started, I had no idea that I would meet so many wonderful people from so many parts of the world.

Medium is all about the community, and it is a wonderful place for all of us to grow together. I have had so much support along the way and made some friendships that I never imagined I would.

Nupoor Raj was one of the first people to clap for my first articles, and she has been a great supporter and friend ever since.

Shannon Ashley has always inspired me to keep moving forward treating Medium like a job, and I always learn so much from what she shares.

Kamga Tchassa is another great supporter of my work and is always an inspiration to me whenever I get to read his articles.

Shae Jackson is my cousin (but more like an older sister) and, after reconnecting over the summer, we started our journies here together. It’s been so helpful to get to work alongside her brilliant mind, learning from her.

Nicole Akers took a chance on me and added me as a writer for Publishous early on, even though I made a lot of mistakes at first (and still do). And there have been so many other publication owners who took chances on me as well.

And I will never forget Tom Kuegler, Niklas Göke, and Jeff Rose, CFP®, who were crucial to my even getting started here in the first place.

Again, there are so many to mention that I could fill volumes with all the names. You all know who you are, and I am grateful for you.

I hope that these words of Jim Carrey ring true not just for me, but for those that have made such a difference to my work here on Medium:

Thank you, Medium writers and readers, for having such a powerfully positive effect on me through your help and support.

I only hope that I can attempt to return the favor.

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